We are now closed for picking. See you in June of 2020.


Although the garden is closed for the cold season we may still be able to fulfill your floral needs with flowers from the greenhouse or shipped in from warmer climates.

If you have floral needs you can Contact us today!


Experience the garden first hand! We provide the scissors and buckets to cut into. You can pick your own bouquet straight from the fresh blooming flowers . It is our opinion that fresh flowers make you happy--and picking them is even more fun! Whether it is a special occasion, family fun night, girl's night out or even a date, the garden is always an unforgettable time.  We will also be offering our "Pay It Forward" program again this year!  With any "Pick Your Own" purchase, we offer a free small vase for you to fill for no additional cost!  We only ask that you use this vase of flowers to bless someone's day, whether it's a neighbor, a coworker, or even a stranger!


Petite $10  

Small $15  

Medium $20

Large $30  

Extra Large $50  

If you are purchasing a large or extra large bucket of flowers please bring some clean buckets to transport your flowers home.  

Have any questions?  Contact us today!


“My daughter and I visited this morning and it’s just beautiful. ...aside from picking flowers for ourselves they have a pay it forward effort....it’s free and we picked a vase and cut 5 different stems for the vase and picked a slip of paper from a cup and ours was "server" ....there are different occupations in the cup so we took our little vase to the Pure and Simple Cafe in Greencastle where we had lunch and gave it to our server. ....she was so tickled!”

“Picked a beautiful bouquet today with my wonderful husband. This place is absolutely amazing. Everyone was so helpful and very nice to us, even taking a photo of us. If you have not visited please consider doing so. We will return many times.”

"It is so beautiful here and to be able to take home some of this beauty for such a reasonable price is a real joy"